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Keeping Families Safe and Healthy

This book, written by refugee Ngo Hna, provides the information you need to maintain a safe and healthy home for yourself and your family. When Ngo immigrated to the United States, she saw that many new Americans face difficulties when first arriving. One of the biggest adjustments is getting used to life in a new home.

For example, in many parts of the world, people don’t cook with electric or gas stoves. Many new Americans have little experience cleaning these devices and might accidentally break them. Many new residents are also unfamiliar with gas or electric heat, smoke alarms, or carbon monoxide detectors.

This book will help you learn about your new home so you can avoid simple mistakes that might cause big problems. You can read the entire book or just look at the topics that interest you. While it will help all new residents and first time renters, the book is designed specifically for new immigrants and refugees. Landlords, property managers, and support organizations may also find it useful to better understand some of the challenges refugees and immigrants face when arriving in America.

Watch a video version of the book here!

Keeping-Families-Safe-and-Healthy-Coloring-Book_coverTo engage even the youngest members of our families with the Healthy Home content, we have a coloring book! It features the same wonderful illustrations as the main Healthy Home book.

Download the coloring book

cover image of flyer, I Love My Daily Routine, How About You?  publicationIn the Healthy Home kids’ book, young immigrant Fatima shares her daily routine. She is a great role model for her age, teaching readers about safety, cleaning, school, friends, and helping your parents.

Download the Healthy Homes kids’ book

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