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Housing Programs

RRRS strives to be a self-supporting organization, and as such looks to social enterprise to survive and thrive. This is accomplished by the acquisition of housing in the neighborhoods of Maplewood and Edgerton, with a goal to provide our refugee families with safe and affordable housing. It also enables us to learn who our families are and thus provide them with the opportunities that they need to succeed in our community

Since 2014, we have developed a portfolio of properties which we own or manage housing over 300 refugees from Burundi, Bhutan, Congo, DR, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Vietnam.

These properties are all located within 15 minutes from our office at 393 Lexington Avenue. Whether we own or manage the property, we have had all our properties energy audited and lead tested. This is one of the many ways we try to make our units affordable and safe.

Cities Rise

RRRS has been fortunate to work with the City of Rochester to help City staff, especially those handling property conversion, connect with City residents, primarily tenants. We had the role of bringing together focus groups of different cultures of refugees and immigrants to meet with City staff to understand the needs of New Americans as they relate to housing, and to familiarize New Americans with the City of Rochester as a resource.  RRRS will continue to collaborate with the City to develop instructional useful tools to communicate with peoples of different cultures on how to live safely in a healthy home in Rochester. While we use “refugees” and “New Americans” as generic terms, this group actually constitutes several different cultures, each unique unto itself and different from each other. RRRS is well equipped to help put this program together because of our ability to bring people from these various cultures to the table, people qualified to help design useful information that is culturally sensitive. More information on our Facebook pageas this project unfolds.

How You Can Help

Our housing program would not be possible without volunteer help and donations. Houses are upgraded, rehabbed and maintained by dozens of volunteers who assist our refugee team of three workers. Groups like Eagle Scouts, college community service teams, retired skilled craftsmen, church groups and AmeriCorps have donated thousands of hours to bring this about.

Donations of working appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers) and cash help us equip our houses so that our refugee families can function successfully in our community.

Contact: Djifa Kothor, 585-319-3134 or email Djifa through the form on this page.

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