Our Goal at Rochester Refugee Resettlement Services

Collaborating to provide services and opportunities to ensure assimilation of refugees into our society by providing assistance as they strive to be self-sustaining neighbors while still maintaining their own cultural heritage.

Photo collage of RRRS people
photo collage of RRRS people


When RRRS first started it was clear that our refugee families needed to have places to live where they were comfortable and safe, and had support as they learned about their new country. We recognized this need as an opportunity, not only to help our families, but also to have housing serve as our base. We are far more than landlords. We get to know each family well and help them to sort out the challenges they face in a new land and new culture. Our housing stock continues to grow as we help our families make their new life here in Rochester.

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RRRS strives to help every member achieve success! This process has many paths for the many different people that we see. Consequently there is a variety of educational paths that we have to meet these diverse needs: from refugee children whose families seek their best education, to training of adults in new skills or how to apply existing skills to the American scene.

Career Advancement

Since our inception, more than 400 New Americans have been at our door seeking a job or a better job. Our job navigators play a vital role in helping our people have success. Their talents and skills range from basic agricultural skills to people with highly skilled and professional experience form their home countries.

Our current Career Advancement programs include:

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