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HPOG and the Foreign Educated Doctors Program

Since 2015 RRRS has been part of the Health Professions Opportunity Grant (HPOG) led by Action for a Better Community.

HPOG offers health career assistance to folks who normally would not know this career path. RRRS as a partner in this program focuses on New Americans. So far RRRS has helped dozens find jobs in health care.

Out of this program came some additional unique opportunities. We came in contact with foreign educated doctors (FED) looking to get licensed in the US, either as a doctor or similar health field professional. Now we have more than 2 dozen FEDs we are working with seeking to continue in health care.


While almost every foreign educated doctor speaks and understands English, there is a need for them to become especially proficient in English in order to serve in these high professions. We are always seeking tutors to help in this area.

Additionally, any mentoring support from American medical professionals is greatly appreciated. Contact Dr. Malalah Ahmadzai at 585-319-3134.

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