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Driver Training Program

Since 2014 RRRS has recognized that self transportation is critical for refugees to secure good permanent employment. We took on the task, unfunded at the time, with donated vehicles and volunteers.

Since its inception we have assisted more than 50 refugees in obtaining their driver’s licenses. Driver training is a slow process since we can do the practice only on weekends. Our trainees most often have no other way of practicing, so getting to the level to pass the road test can take a year or more.


RRRS has been very fortunate to have received donated vehicles which have helped us provide driver training. The cost for gas, repairs, insurance are ongoing expenses, and any financial support is welcomed. Become a volunteer driver trainer! If you have taught your kids to drive, you can coach our people. None of our volunteers are certified, unfortunately, but volunteer training is still a great help, realizing that many of these folks have no other alternative. They need the practice.

Please note: This program is currently on hold until we have more volunteers.

Contact Mike Coniff at 585-319-3134.

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