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Adult Computer Training

Becoming aware of the struggles that older adult refugees have in learning and understanding English, and realizing that most of these folks have little or no familiarity with computers, we started an adult basic computer class in 2017.

This program, managed by retired IT professional Mike Miller teaches the very basics of computer operation, from use of a mouse to getting on the Internet. Learning to use the keyboard greatly enhances English learning skills.

Participants who complete the program receive a refurbished computer. Mike has just completed his third class of 9 students from 4 different countries. They now have email addresses; computers filled with English learning games and have a whole new world opened up to them. He is now working with deaf refugee students to open the world of computers for them as well.

We are always on the lookout for computers that are operational with at least 5G memory, both laptops and PCs. Contact Mike Miller through the email form below.

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